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Check the status of your 2017 original income tax refund.

Make this selection if you want to know the up-to-date status of your current year tax refund. Current year tax return is 2017 since 2017 return is due to be filed in 2018. Make sure that you are looking at your 2017 state return (Form D-400). Many taxpayers confuse the amount of their state refund with their federal refund.

Refund amount different than what you expected.

Make this selection if your 2017 state refund check is more or less than the amount of refund shown on your state tax return, line 34 of Form D-400. Many taxpayers confuse their state return (Form D-400) with their federal return. Also remember that your 2017 return is filed in 2018.

Receive information about your amended return refund or prior year refund filed late

Make this selection if you amended your individual income tax return or if you filed an original return for any tax year prior to tax year 2017.

Social Security Number

The social security number is required. The social security number must be 9 digits (no spaces or hyphens) and it must be numeric (no letters or characters). The number cannot be negative and it cannot be all zeros.

Enter the 1st Social Security Number shown on your 2017 state tax return, Form D-400. The social security number is located near the top of the front page of the return. You MUST enter the first social security number shown, which is the social security number on the left hand side, near the top of the page.

Refund Amount

The refund amount is required. Enter the amount in whole dollars only. Do not enter the cents amount. The amount entered must be numeric, and cannot be negative or all zeros.

Enter the amount shown on line 34 of Form D-400. Do not confuse your state return Form D-400 with your federal return, Form 1040.