Where's My Refund?


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Most returns go through three stages of processing before a refund is approved. This process typically takes 3-6 weeks after the electronic submittal date. The process could take up to 12 weeks if you filed a paper return.

Some returns may require additional stages of processing to protect your identity and refund from potential identity theft refund fraud. These additional measures are implemented to protect your identity and ensure you receive the appropriate refund. If your return requires additional review, it will take longer to process.

The Refund Process web page has the most up-to-date information about refund processing for each tax season, including other factors that may impact refund processing.

Stage 1 - Return Received
• We have received your return.

Stage 2 - Processing and Validating Return Information
• We are processing and validating your return.

Stage 3 - Return Under Initial Review
• We are reviewing your return for identity verification and refund fraud protection measures.

Stage 4 - Return Requires Enhanced Protection Measures
• We are completing an additional review of your return to ensure the security of your information.

Stage 5 - Return Requires Further Examination
• We are completing a further examination of your return.

Stage 6 - Refund Approved
• We approved your refund and are working to issue it as soon as possible.

Stage 7 - Refund Issued
• We issued your refund.

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Enter the required information below to find out the stage and a more specific status of your refund.

  • The first social security number shown on the return
  • The exact amount of refund shown on your return (D-400 Line 34)
  Select one of the following options:
Check the status of your 2023 original income tax refund.
Refund amount different than what you expected.
Receive information about your amended return or prior year refund filed late.

For information about the refund process, visit
The Refund Process.

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