Form CD-419 is used to extend the time for filing a North Carolina Corporate Income tax return(Form CD-405, CD-401S or CD-418). This form is not required if you were granted an automatic extension to file your federal income tax return. If you were granted an automatic federal extension and need to make a payment for taxes due, use Form CD-419.

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  Period Begin Date   Period End Date
  - - - -
  Federal Employer ID Number N.C. Secretary of State ID Number
  Legal Name
  City State Zip Code
  Tax Exempt Non U.S./Foreign Cooperative or Mutual Association
  Note: Nonprofits declared tax exempt, cooperatives and mutual associations are not subject to franchise tax.
  Franchise Tax
    Total Franchise Tax Due (Minimum Tax $200.00)
    $ .00
    Allowable Franchise Tax Credits (From Form CD-425)
    $ .00
    Net Franchise Tax Due
    $ .00
  Corporate Income Tax
    Total Corporate Income Tax Due (Include Annual Report Fee only if filing annual report with the Department of Revenue)
    $ .00
    Estimated Income Tax Payments (Include any prior year's overpayment applied to current tax year)
    $ .00
    Corporate Income Tax Credits Taken (From Form CD-425)
    $ .00
    Net Corporate Income Tax Due
    $ .00
  Total Franchise and Corporate Income Tax Due with this Application
$ .00   Do not print this page.


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