Notice Payments Online Filing and Payments

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

The following operating systems and browsers are supported for your notice(s) electronically:

Operating Systems:


The web browser must be configured to enable “per session cookies”. In Internet Explorer, this can be set under the “Internet Options” menu option. For additional information on enabling the “per session cookies” please check the browser’s documents/help.

If you receive a message that 128-bit encryption is needed, you will need to download the 128-bit encryption for your browser. The 128-bit encryption is standard in the United States so the problem would normally apply to someone trying to access the application from outside the United States.

Navigation Assistance

When navigating through this application, please use the navigation buttons located at the bottom of each page. Please do not use the web browser's back and forward buttons. Doing so may result in the loss of information you may have previously entered.

On most of our web pages you will see the following buttons:

The purpose of this button is to return you to the previous web page
Directs you to the next web page you are required to complete or review
Deletes the entries on the current web page
Opens a new browser window containing the help text associated with this application.
Cancels your online transaction. None of the information you have entered will be retained. You will not receive an e-mail confirmation.

Contact Information

Before you click the NEXT button be sure to have the following information available:

Please refer to section entitled "Navigation Assistance” for a description of the buttons located at the bottom of each web page.

Bill and Notice Payments



This screen provides you with the opportunity to review all the information you have entered to ensure that it is complete and accurate.

If you wish to make any changes, use the buttons at the bottom of the page to go to the specific screen to make your corrections. When you have determined that the information displayed is accurate you must click the Submit button to complete your transaction and transmit the information to the Department of Revenue.

Once submitted, the information cannot be changed through the Online Filing and Payments system.

The following buttons may be available at the bottom of this page depending on the type of transaction you have entered.

Takes you to the screen to select your payment method. You can change your payment from a bank draft to a credit/debit card or vice versa.
Takes you to the Bank Draft screen if your payment is by bank draft or to the Credit/Debit Card screen if your payment is by credit/debit card.
Click on this button to complete your transaction. By submitting this transaction you are certifying that, to the best of your knowledge, this information is accurate and complete. Once submitted the transaction will be transmitted to the Department of Revenue and you will no longer be able to make any changes online.

Please refer to section entitled "Navigation Assistance" for a description of the additional buttons located at the bottom of this page.


This screen displays all the information that has been transmitted to the Department of Revenue. You should use the print function on your browser to printout a copy of this page to retain for your records.

The DOR Confirmation Number displayed will also be included in the email acknowledgement you will receive. Please retain all information for your records.

Takes you to the Bill and Notice Payments screen where you may enter a Notice Number, and the Taxpayer ID associated with that Notice Number, and submit another transaction.
Takes you to the Home page for the Department of Revenue website.